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How can home automation help protect your home?


Coming home and finding out that you are a victim of a break-in or disaster is nothing to be happy about. The feeling of helplessness and vulnerability that comes as a result is extremely unpleasant. However, many of these situations can be avoided with the help of home automation.

In this article, find out how home automation can help protect your home.


A home automation system complements your alarm system


Conventional alarm systems that are connected to a central station have proven their effectiveness in preventing break-ins and burglaries many times over. However, when coupled with a home automation system, these systems (such as those from the Quebec company Alarma) can be even more effective and offer greater peace of mind to owners of homes, condos, cottages and businesses.


Less dependency on the central station


If something unusual happens on your property, you would undoubtedly appreciate being informed instantly. If your alarm system is connected to a home automation system, you can receive an alert on your mobile devices as soon as movement is detected.

If your property is also equipped with a surveillance camera system, you can even see what is happening in real time via your smart phone screen to determine whether the situation really deserves your attention.

In the case of a cottage or a property in a sparsely populated area, you can contact a neighbour who can go and check if everything is under control rather than waiting for the authorities to be dispatched.


Simulate being at home


Home automation systems also let you control lighting and various devices remotely to simulate your presence when you are not at home. This of course can deter burglars.

Similarly , you can have the system programmed to automatically turn on all the lights on the property when the alarm system goes off, or even configure it to play an audio excerpt of a guard dog barking when a break-in occurs, just to give the intruder a good scare!

Even better, especially for those who are away from their property for long periods of time, many home automation systems can learn from your daily routine when using your equipment and reproduce it when you are away from home. All you have to do is put the system in “learn” mode and the system will record your actions according to the hours of the day. Then, when you activate the “vacation” mode, your motorized blinds, lighting systems, etc. will be automatically turned on at the usual times and will simulate your presence at home.


Better control over access to your property


Access to your property is another security concern that home automation can improve.

In addition to remotely locking and unlocking smart door locks or using biometric identifiers such as fingerprints, it also lets you see who is at your door via video intercom.

You can also give limited access to certain people. For example, you can give an access code that will only be active for a specific time period to a housekeeping service. Outside of these specific hours, it will be unusable.


Home automation reduces the risk of incidents or disasters


Securing a property also means better protection against incidents and disasters that can cause considerable damage. Home automation can also be very effective in this regard.


Remote control of certain equipment


Certain elements in a property, despite being necessary, can also pose risks when left unattended. However, home automation systems let you switch them on and off or even control them remotely.

A good example of this type of device is an electric water valve that you can operate remotely, which allows you to turn off the water whenever you want to avoid water damage.

Sensors can also provide you with information about certain appliances. For example, you may be notified that the temperature in your wine cellar containing a few expensive bottles has risen considerably and that you should take action as soon as possible.


Automation goes hand in hand with prevention


A home automation system also lets you automate the shutdown of various equipment for even greater peace of mind.

You can therefore configure your system so that the water or power supply to certain appliances is cut off when two hours go by without any movement detected in the building. This of course reduces the risk of water damage or fire.


Protect your property with the help of Elitronic


In conclusion, if you want the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to the security of your property, having a home automation system is practically essential.

For more information on these systems and their functions, we invite you to contact the Elitronic team. Our team is made up of home automation experts in Quebec. They can explain in even more detail how our products can help you protect your property.