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With Elitronic, the experts will help you achieve the improvements you desire with a personal and efficient approach, every step of the way.

Our Expert

The team is proud to offer superior service. From initial evaluation, to programming and calibration of the equipment to excellent after-sales service and free technical support, Elitronic stands out among the Elite.

Our experienced consultants will first invite you to a meeting, in person or by phone, to assess your needs with professionalism. Our experienced team will ask you the right questions and make sure nothing is left to chance, in addition to answering all your questions.

Our representative will then present you with a detailed budget estimate as well as wiring plans, lighting plans and other required documents for a construction or renovation project such as the technical specifications of the different items. He will also invite you to our showroom to demonstrate the equipment so that you can see, hear and try the items you will later enjoy in your own home. Finally, he will make sure to coordinate the work with your contractor.

The whole team will work according to your parameters and in concert with the various professionals involved in the construction and renovation project. Our installation experts work with a turnkey approach, respecting not only building codes, but also the highest standards in the industry.

The first phase of installation will be the pre-wiring, followed by the installation of the devices and, finally, the configuration, calibration, and professional programming of your products. Once the work is complete, the technician shows you how to make the most of the system so that you are comfortable with your new purchases. We then ensure your complete satisfaction by following up with you, and making any necessary adjustments.



Our entire team is trained and obtained the certifications needed to maintain our elite position in our ever-growing field. At Elitronic, training is continuous for both the project management team and the technical installers. It is thanks to these efforts that we remain at the forefront and master all the latest technologies.



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