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If you have an electronic project that you want to bring to life, Elitronic is the best choice for you!


A project more than complete
A project more than complete

In this luxuous home in Boucherville, the client entrusted us with the task of carrying out a perfect integration of all the electrical and electronic elements. Our team was given the mandate to see through the realization of this project from start to finish, in addition to managing other subcontractors, in order to obtain an impeccable final result. Our team had oversight on the whole project and made sure the design was respected all the way through.


We therefore carried out this large-scale project which includes: intelligent lighting with keypad controls, a complete security system, smart locks and doorbells, a complete multi-room audio system, home theaters and stereo systems, motorized blinds and curtains, all controlled by voice with Alexa or touchscreens. The customer benefitted from a specialized and custom programming. Everything has been designed in intricate detail, such as the control of terrace heaters, pool control and colored lighting.

Small but design and modern
Small but design and modern


Our team had the challenge of designing a home theater in a small space. The client was looking for a team that would be up to the task in order to find solutions to optimize the space with high-end technologies and make his condominium smart.


We imagined a home theater that enhances the modern decor, the suspended speakers from the French brand Elipson make a subtle but noticeable design pop, which add an unusual touch to the decoration. In addition, we installed a home automation system, a projector and a custom-made motorized projection screen directly in front of an opaque blind that blocks out daylight. Here is a neat way to maximize a tight space without compromise.




When history meets technologie
When history meets technologie


In this century old house, we installed a multi-room audio system, including the master bedroom, the bathroom, the office and in the main lounge area, which give the client the ability to enjoy background music everywhere. A particular attention was paid to the high-fidelity stereo system in the main living room.


The client wanted to watch TV in the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Our team came up with a motorized support solution which gives the ability to watch TV from anywhere in the room. They also installed a sound bar under the TV, In order to always direct the sound at the same place as the picture. Once again, this is a great example of a custom installation.



The trendy condo unit
The trendy condo unit

In this urban condominium with breathtaking views of the city center, we were asked for an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art control system that is perfectly adapted to the residents' lifestyle. The owner asked us for a simple way to orient his television so it can be viewed from the kitchen. We fulfilled this request by installing a motorized bracket coupled with an easy-to-use control system. Our technical team has also installed : 

motorized shades throughout the unit,
a wall mounted audio-video cabinet,
a lighting system with keypads and motion detectors,
an audio-video matrix switcher for four televisions,
a high-end multi-room sound system,
smart remotes,
Sinopé thermostats,
multiple custom programming functions.

Luxury car dealership
Luxury car dealership

Automotive dealership, Grenier BMW used Elitronic's services for the audio-video system throughout the building. For this ambitious project, Mr. Grenier, asked us for a digital display of impact. We responded to his request by installing a breathtaking video wall of sixteen 55-inch Samsung monitors with the industry's thinnest frames, our experts finished the job with a professional color calibration. Our team has also installed :

touch screen controlled conference room,
waiting room displays and video games for children,
ten audio zones equipped with JBL pro speakers,
a television suspended from the ceiling in the vehicle reception area,
nearly forty Samsung televisions,independent audio-video installations in the executive’s offices,
easy to use global control system.

The brilliant smart home
The brilliant smart home

In this luxurious residence in Brossard, Elitronic has been given the mandate to make this house as smart as possible. Our team has installed several technologies, including an unconventional lighting system. Each light of the residence changes color according to the time of day. Our technical team has also installed :

a high-end multi-room audio system,motorized shades,
a Doorbird video intercom,
a smart lock,
a powerful audio-video system,
a wall mounted audio-video cabinet,
garage door control,
alarm system control,
touch screens,
NEST thermostat for air conditioning,
Sinopé thermostats for heated floors,
customized programming signed Elitronic.