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Automation Controller

Brain of your smart home, Elitronic offers different controllers depending on the size of the project. From a simple unit that is able to control a few lights to more complex controllers that can manage a whole house. Choosing a home automation controller is no easy task due to all the choices available. Our experts will analyze your present and future needs and advise you in your purchase.


Smart Lighting

Do you want to eliminate countless wall switches that only control a single load of lights ? It’s possible ! The centralisation of lighting is the new trend in interior home design. Every light inside a room can be controlled by a single keypad, which can also be used to control other home automation aspects. Elitronic offers centralized systems and wireless systems that allow you to adjust light intensity via a smart phone or motion detection.



With smart thermostats, you have the possibility to change the temperature in your home or while you are away. The system can even adapt to your lifestyle which will help save you money and energy without any additional effort.


Smart Locks

No more rummaging through your pockets to find the keys to your home. Smart locks equipped with touch screens or keypads will simplify the task. You can create multiple codes for multiple people, like technicians or a cleaning crew and be notified in real time when your front door is locked or unlocked by your children. Elitronic offers a wide range of models, colors and technologies in this field.



Thanks to intercoms like the ones offered by Control4, Doorbird or Ring, you can be contacted on your smart phone from the other side of the world. The application will notify you when someone is at your door. You can then see and communicate with any visitor using your smartphone or tablet and give that person access to your home even when you are abroad.


Network Equipment

Because it is important for you to have network throughout the house and between all connected objects, Elitronic offers you the best products to stay connected. With our certified technicians, enjoy a fast and functional system, as well as a Wi-Fi network that spreads evenly inside and outside the house.



A single universal remote can control all of your audio and video equipment. Simply choose an activity like ''Watch TV", ''Play Xbox'' or even ''Watch a Movie'' and all of your equipment will adjust accordingly without any effort. It is also possible to automate the opening and closing of lights and blinds.


Motorized Curtains

Creator of atmosphere, curtains play an important role in the comfort and privacy of your home. Curtains that reveal projector screens when a movie starts, or expose the view of the lake as the sun sets, Elitronic has the product that you need. With a variety of different colors and finishes, motorized curtains are sure to embellish any room.


Motorized blinds

To answer your needs, we offer custom blinds that will transform and improve your life. With a wide array of colours and models, they can be translucent or doubled to offer full privacy, vertical, shaped in a honeycomb or even eco energetic models. The blinds can be adjusted according to sunlight or controlled with remotes, smart phones or even with voice commands.


Audio-Video Receiver

The Audio-Video receiver is the heart of the home theater installation. It takes charge of decoding audio and video signals, to reproduce the quality desired by the content creators. Elitronic puts at your disposal the most prestigeous brands and will help you make the right choice. Our experts can even install and calibrate the whole system for an exceptional result.


Audio-Video Matrix

Avoid the duplication of your video sources such as decoders, game consoles, multimedia players, and enjoy them on all the screens of your home. Thanks to a matrix switcher, it is now possible to centralize all the electronic equipment in the technical room in order to purify the design of the rest of your home.


Multi-Zone Amplifier

Cover your rooms with a musical atmosphere thanks to multi-zone sound systems. These devices can handle as many areas as you have rooms in your home. Offering impressive power, the models Elitronic provide will not fail to impress you.


Wireless Multi-Room Audio

The wireless multi-room audio system is ideal for streaming music throughout the home. Zones can be virtually linked to play the same music, or be independent. These wireless systems are portable and practical, especially when no wiring can be passed inside walls and ceilings. They can play your digital files and music services such as TuneIn, Spotify, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Deezer, TIDAL, Apple Music, Google Play Music.


High Fidelity Speakers

Elitronic always has the right loudspeaker to recommend for your Hi-Fi setup. Whether it's floor standing columns, bookshelf speakers or wall-mounted speakers, they are all available in a variety of wood finishes, lacquered finishes and styled forms.


Sound Bar

With the ability to dramatically improve the sound quality of your television, the sound bar is the ideal compromise between aesthetics and performance. Elitronic offers a variety of products, from the Sonos bar to the custom-made model that matches the shape of your television.


Recessed speakers

Discreet and of exceptional performance, the recessed speakers that Elitronic offers come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different structural installation constraints. We have at your disposal speakers for every situation and budget.


Design Speakers

Complementing decoration, design speakers can create visually stunning area's within a home. Elitronic offers a vast selection of brands whose speakers are esthetically and visually stunning. Custom built to match the dimensions of a television or even suspended from the ceiling offering originality and elegance without comprimising performance.


Invisible Speakers

Just like the name states, invisible speakers cannot be seen to the naked eye. These speakers perfectly blend into your walls imitating gypsum. Once painted, you are left without the trace of a speaker, they are only revealed by their rich filling sound.


Outdoor Speakers

Elitronic offers you speakers with a rich and powerful sound for the terrace or around the pool. Outdoor speakers can disappear in your landscaping. With Elitronic, your BBQ afternoons will have a lovely soundtrack.



The subwoofer is an indispensable piece of hardware in your home cinema or media room. We have at are our disposal a large lineup of different subwoofers available in various forms and sizes for every budget. Elitronic can guide you with speaker placement and take care of calibration to help you achieve perfect acoustics.


Network media player

We offer you different network players compatible with playing your digital files or online music services like TuneIn, Spotify, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Deezer, TIDAL, Apple Music, Google Play Music as well as video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Our most advanced models offer wireless connectivity and high fidelity audio quality.



Cables play an important role in the transmission of analog and digital signals. They have a surprizingly large impact on image rendering and sound quality of your audio-video systems. Elitronic is a proud partner of AudioQuest, a leader in the field.



With the array of projectors on the market, and the multitude of display technologies such as 3D, UHD 4K and HDR, it can quickly become difficult to choose the right equipment. In addition, several factors must be considered when buying : the projection distance, the size and gain of the reflective surface and the type of lens. Our experts will enlighten you in your choice of projectors to bring the cinema experience home !


Projection Screens

In video projection, the canvas plays a vital role in the quality of the image. We offer a variety of projection screens, available in many sizes. These can be fixed, retractable or motorized. They play a role on different parameters such as viewing angle and gain in brightness. Technical features such as micro-perforation to let the sound through are also options to consider.



The television is the most important choice in the video department. Elitronic offers you a whole range of televisions amongst the leaders like, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and LG. You will benefit from the most realistic image quality and the most advanced technologies like OLED, QLED, 3D, UHD 4K and curved screens. We will help you choose the right television, and our team of technicians will make sure a professional installation and calibration is done for an amazing end result.


Mirror TV

More than just a decoration, it acts as an elegant television when on without compromising the esthetics of your decor. Entirely customizable. The mirror can go in any room, even the bathroom. Elitronic also offers a tactile smart mirror, allowing you to read emails, watch the news, use application like the ones found on a smartphone and of course, watch television.


TV Frame

You do not want to ruin the decor of the room with a television ? Make art come to your home with televisions imitating a famous painting. The Samsung Frame offers elegant design that can be adapted to your style. Thanks to motorization, it is possible to hide a television behind your favorite art.


Blu-Ray Player

With our trusted partners, you will benefit from the latest technologies in audio-visual such as 3D, UHD 4K or Atmos surround sound. Ideal for enjoying the full potential of your flat screen or video projector, the Blu-Ray is the source of choice for your home theater. Let our experts advise you and offer you the best choice to watch your favorite movies.


Specialized Mounts

Our team is specialized in the realization of complex installations. We have an arsenal of supports, whether fixed or rotating, wall or ceiling, motorized or manual, each situation has its solution.


Cinema Seating

Elitronic invites you to enjoy your home theater in comfortable and ergonomic cinema seats. Taylored stitching, color and materials are all available. These seats are also offered in many configurations with a choice of options like foot rests motorization and cup holders.


Audio-video Furniture

Audio video furniture is used to store all of the electronic equipment in a ventilated space with room to keep wiring tidy. The furniture offered by Elitronic, are of superior quality and are available in many styles and colors. From a wall-mounted cabinet to a metal rack, to more traditional wood styling, we will make it match your decor.