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5 reasons to install smart lighting in your home


Smart lighting may be a new concept for you. While many believe it is simply a sophisticated way to control the lighting in a home, this technology also helps to simplify many tasks and improve your safety and quality of life.

Here are 5 reasons to install smart lighting in your home.


Smart lighting can enhance your home’s safety

Many people will leave lights on when they leave their homes to give the impression that they are in the house. While this may discourage certain malicious individuals from entering the home, the scheme may be less effective when the person leaves for a long period of time.

Some smart lighting systems can activate a “Vacation Mode” that effectively emulates the presence of people at home.

You can also have lights automatically come on to attract the neighbourhood’s attention as soon as suspicious movements are detected.


The ability to create custom environments

Generating a custom atmosphere for certain activities at the touch of a button is another feature of smart lighting.

Using a keypad installed in a strategic location in the house, you can control several different electrical networks and fixtures at the same time. For example, the lighting in the kitchen and living room can be dimmed and the lighting can be concentrated on the ceiling light overlooking the dining table by pressing a single laser-engraved and backlit button. Not to mention that a single keypad can easily replace the many dimmers that tend to clutter the walls of a large room.

It is also not uncommon for people to prefer a more amber light in the evening and a pure white light during the day. Certain technologies even automatically generate warmer or colder lighting depending on the time of day.


Practical functions related to the geolocation of smart devices

Many high-end smart lighting systems make it possible to leverage the geolocation of mobile devices. This feature makes it possible to activate certain fixtures depending on the position of a smart device.

One example of this technology being applied is the illumination of a driveway as soon as the owner reaches a certain area near the home. That said, it is also possible to have the lights switch off once the device leaves the perimeter.


Smart lighting can be automated

Light fixtures that automatically switch on at the ideal intensity according to events can also make life easier for homeowners and even save energy. In this sense, smart lighting allows an infinite number of automation options.

These can be triggered based on time of day or night, outdoor brightness, motion detection, and even in tandem with a device such as a video projector, among other things. In short, once configured, the home occupants always enjoy ideal lighting without even having to worry about it.


Flexible smart lighting solutions

Various solutions allow owners of existing buildings as well as people with a construction project to install a smart lighting system in their home.


Wireless system

Wireless dimmers can be installed with or without a keypad in a house with an existing electrical system. This makes it possible to equip an existing building with a smart lighting management system. With some home automation platforms, it is even possible to use the motion detectors of an existing alarm system.


Centralized system

With this type of solution, which is better suited to new buildings, intelligent dimmers are centralized and hidden in an area of the house (e. g. a cupboard), with only discreet and versatile lighting keypads remaining visible. From an aesthetic point of view, this approach offers the opportunity to achieve a refined and often sought-after style.


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In conclusion, the reasons for installing a smart lighting system may vary according to your needs but given the almost infinite possibilities offered by these systems, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

For more information on this subject or to find out how you can install a smart lighting system in your home, please contact the Elitronic team. We provide you with a personal approach and courteous service at all times.